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White Women As Gatekeepers: The Clipboard of Control w Fleur Larsen

White Women As Gatekeepers: The Clipboard of Control w Fleur Larsen

 While many awful DEI practices exist, Fleur has built a reputation of accountability and showing up! So many great assets are mentioned in this episode:Michelle talks with Fleur Larsen, a facilitator and DEI consultant with a great repFleur’s next workshop is Power With Not Power Over for white women, starting Sept 10She is one of the founders of Skate Like a Girl (est. 2000) and comes from the therapy, education and nonprofit spacesReferences: adrienne marie brown and Emergent Strategy - learn more about emergent strategy!WOAH she does 60% of the work for 40% of the pay when she works with BIPOC folx. Did you hear that? Just wanted to point it out.We mentioned Lola’s Ink, a new podcast by Jenna Hanchard which also features a great story from Jenna and guest Jodi-Ann Burey => In A World Full of Karens Be An Elizabeth...check it out!Fleur talked about The Crown Act, created in 2019 to ensure protection against discrimination based on race-based hairstyles by extending statutory protection to hair texture and styles like braids, locs, twists, and knots in the workplace and public schools. Yes, this is still happening.Fleur mentions Resmaa Menakem, therapist and author of books like My Grandmother’s HandsThe Power of a Fundraiser: is an article I wrote, that was referenced...Fleur gives props to Aparna Rae, Ligaya Domingo, Jodi-Ann Burey, Regent Brown, Tami Farber and Michelle GislasonGratitude to Falon Sierra  for letting us use her new song “Sprained Ankles" throughout this episode - its so good right?This is a brand new podcast and we could use all the help we can get! The best way to support us is by subscribing on your fav pod player, rating us (esp on iTunes...yeah, I know) and honestly...share it out to friends and colleagues. The purpose is  Write us any time at hello@theethicalrainmaker.com or visit us at theethicalrainmaker.com.

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