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The Burke and Wills Expedition - Part 5 - Across Australia

The Burke and Wills Expedition - Part 5 - Across Australia

In part 5 of our series Robert Burke and William Wills lead a small contingent of men into the outback of Australia in an attempt to reach reach the north coast - and in the process become the first men to cross the continent. People and Places Robert O’Hara Burke – Leader of the Victorian Exploring Expedition (VEE) William Wills – British surveyor and astronomer. 2nd-in-command of the expedition. Victoria Exploring Expedition (VEE) – The official name of the expedition led by Robert Burke to cross the Australian continent. John McDouall Stuart – Scottish explorer who was the chief competitor with the VEE to blaze a route across Australia. Hermann Beckler – German doctor and botanist. Ludwig Becker – German geologist and naturalist. William Wright – Bushman who joined the VEE at Menindee. John King – 22-year old ex-soldier. Selected by Burke to be part of the contingent going to the north coast. Dick – Aboriginal Guide who accompanied Burke – and then Lyons – to the north. Thomas McDonough – VEE member who accompanied Burke and Wills to Cooper’s Creek. Charley Gray – VEE member who was selected to go with Burke and Wills to the north coast of Australia. Cooper’s Creek – River in central Australia. It is about halfway across the continent if someone is traveling between Melbourne and Gulf of Carpentaria in the north. About 750 miles from Melbourne. Menindee – Most northerly outpost on the route of the VEE in their trek across Australia. About 400 miles from Melbourne. Gulf of Carpentaria – The most direct route from Victoria to the northern coast of Australia – roughly a 1500 mile journey across the continent. Selwyn Range - Rugged mountain range in the interior of Australia that the expedition would need to cross. Find maps and reading resources at: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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