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S5E011 - BONUS In the Groove with Freddie Kraft

S5E011 - BONUS In the Groove with Freddie Kraft

On this special bonus episode, the Fellas welcome NASCAR Spotter and long-time fantasy football player Freddie Kraft (@FreddieKraft) to the show! Tune in to hear a little about how working in another professional sport can impact how you play fantasy, and maybe learn a little about NASCAR at the same time. Thank Freddie for joining the show by checking out his podcast Door Bumper Clear ( wherever podcasts are found! _____________________________________________________________________ Want an affordable, obnoxiously large trophy that’s easy to ship anywhere? Check out and use the promo code FELLAS at checkout for 20% off! Trophy Smack ( is the place to go for your fantasy gear needs! They have trophies, plaques, rings, belts, draft boards, and you can even customize your own jersey for your fantasy team. Check out and use promo code Fellas to get a FREE championship ring when you order a trophy or belt! Check out the Fellas on:Website - Twitter – @theFFfellasFacebook - Email –

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