Joe Bond and A.J. Applegarth

The Great Debates Vol 1

The Great Debates Vol 1

Welcome to The Fantasy Six Pack Hour Podcast. Joe Bond and A.J. Applegarth will be your hosts (well... sort of this week). This week they have a little fun as they discuss many topics in the Great Debates Vol. 1. They welcome Fantasy Six Pack writer, Kevin Huo, on the show to moderate and guest host for them. If you don't already, make sure you follow him on Twitter @KevinMHuo. Before they get started please show your support by following the YouTube Channel, rating/liking them on your favorite host via Anchor. You can also make a small donation at to keep the sites/podcasts costs down.  Beer of the Week Joe and A.J. begin each show by letting you know what they are drinking. Feel free to share with them your favorites or your thoughts on our choices on Twitter @F6P_Joe and @AppleGarthAlgar. Joe: True Respite Hodge Podge IPA A.J.: Magic Hat Mr. Soul Great Debates Vol. 1 Kevin Hou is our host/moderator as he presents the questions/topics... - Which NFL team rebranded best? - Can OBJ return to form? - Which QB would you least like to be quarantined with? - Which NFL team will go from worst to first in their division? - What successful NFL team is due for a dry run? - Will the Bucs or Pats win more games in 2020? - Favorite NFL offseason move? - Least-favorite NFL offseason move? - Rate the Texans offseason from 1-10 - Should CMC have been paid like he was? - What part of the physical NFL draft do you miss the most? - Which team will have computer issues (credit to Adam Levitan for the question via Twitter) - Better QB to develop, Tua or Herbert? - 2020 MLB in two states or one? - Should suspensions of AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow still count if the 2020 season happens at all? - What should happen with Mookie Betts FA eligibility next season? - If NBA resumes, should there be an asterisk on the champ? - Should College Football expand to an 8 team playoff due to Spring sports lost revenue? - The team in a long championship drought who will win next? - Favorite Michael Jordan moment Be sure you follow both AJ and Joe on Twitter.  Joe: A.J.: Also, visit for all your Fantasy advice. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

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