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Suffering Zoom Fatigue? How to Fix That

Suffering Zoom Fatigue? How to Fix That

Zoom fatigue is real and it’s hitting us quickly! In this bonus episode, we’ll discuss what is Zoom fatigue, why you are not crazy for getting exhausted just thinking about another video call and actionable ways to overcome this fatigue with Tracy Hooper, founder of The Confidence Project.  By the end of this episode, you’ll not only be able to remove some of your fatigue but you’ll also get some bonus tips from Tracy on how to confidently present yourself on your next video call. Show Notes Weekly Newsletter Sign-Up: Follow Career Contessa: Expert Tracy Hooper: Confidence on Video Conference Calls 4-Part Series:  Submit Your Career Questions:Email us: info@careercontessa.comDM us: @careercontessa on Instagram Call us: 844-FEMAILS (336-2457) Produced by Dear Media

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