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Launch Debrief: The Chillest Launch I've Ever Done

Launch Debrief: The Chillest Launch I've Ever Done

Want to know how to make money fast? Following on from the success of my $99 live workshops and given that I’m in the last stretch before my maternity leave, I decided to do a “quick and dirty” launch.  Workshop Magic was born and, even though I whipped it up in a relatively short space of time, it ended up being an incredibly successful launch, netting me almost $20k. In this episode I wanted to share everything from the creative process, launch strategies, sales strategies, the emails I sent, and all the juicy details in between that made it a success. Making money doesn’t always have to be a long-winded process. Sometimes you just have to capitalize on an opportunity and act fast. Mentioned in this episode: My 3 Weeks to Earning $10K from a $99 Workshop podcast episode on how I began running live workshops Screenflow video editing software Steph Crowder of Courage & Clarity Shante Cofield, AKA The Movement Maestro If you like what you’ve heard and wish to express interest then I urge you to join the waitlist for Workshop Magic Connect with me:   Website Instagram Step up Your Facebook Ads Game   This episode of the Get Paid Podcast is sponsored by Claire's free training, the 5 Ad Formula for Selling Online Courses on Autopilot.    Right now, people are spending way more time on Facebook and Instagram,  which has significantly lowered ad costs for anyone currently running ads. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to grow your audience for cheap - go watch the 5 Ads Formula masterclass, and get at least ONE ad running ASAP. If you need extra help, Claire and her team of coaches have your back inside their signature ads course, Absolute FB Ads. Get all the details when you sign up to watch the masterclass at   Now it’s time to GET PAID   Thanks for tuning into the Get Paid Podcast! If you enjoyed today’s episode, head over to Apple Podcasts to subscribe, rate, and leave your honest review. Connect with me on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, visit my website for even more detailed strategies, and be sure to share your favorite episodes on social media. Now, it’s time to go get yourself paid.

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