Episode 16 - DP Moneyline and Naehyun Haters

Episode 16 - DP Moneyline and Naehyun Haters

Episode 16 - DP Moneyline   Recorded on: June 13th, 2019     We recap and discuss some takeaways from week one and touch on a few teams we think we should jump ship on and a few we should adjust upward. And then we dive right into our first full slate weekend with every region in action again.   Pick of the Week Records (Winnings assuming one unit on each bet):   Vince 8 - 6 (+3.27u)   John 5 - 8 (-2.54u)   Chris 7 - 6 (+4.24u)   Kalvin 2 - 11 - 1 (-2.13u)   As a cast: 22 - 31 (-2.84u)     Topics (in order):   Intro    0:01:53 - LCK Weekend Slate   0:05:35 - Digression: Established/Name Brand players being overrated   0:11:00 - LCK Weekend Slate (continued)   0:34:40 - LPL Weekend Slate   0:39:47 - Digression: Who is the carry on Dominus and is that their problem? (Vince's Dominus = Philadelphia Flyers Theory)   0:45:30 - Digression: Are OMG the real deal? Hearing preseason hype about Curse   0:49:47 - LPL Weekend Slate (continued)   0:51:55 - Digression: Invictus as underdogs!? What's going on with Invictus? (this was before Rookie news)   0:57:02 - Digression: The Saddest Timeline (100 Thieves Bang/Soligo getting rekt in challenger during cast)   1:02:35 - LEC Weekend Slate   1:20:31 - NA LCS Weekend Slate    1:37:57 - Digression: One Tricks and why there are specifically a lot of Riven one tricks?   1:41:15 - NA LCS Weekend Slate (continued)   1:46:07 - Pick of the Week!   1:50:20 - Sign offs     Hosts:   Vince C @GelatiLOL   John George @TheEsportsPlug   Chris C @Prim3_T1m3   Kalvin @RulerrSama     The opening theme is "Clouds" by Harvey and the Hendersons (Instagram)(Facebook)     The closing theme is "Wasp in a Hat" by The Tea Club (Facebook)  

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