Episode 17 - Long shots for everyone!

Episode 17 - Long shots for everyone!

Episode 17 - Long shots for the bar!   Recorded on: June 20th, 2019   The Gold Card Podcast welcomes it's first ever guest to the show! Xing Li (@XingtheLi) is a freelance journalist covering LoL eSports for @DotEsports  He also hosts The Smite Steal Podcast (@SmiteStealPod) and the No FFs Pod (@NoFFsPod). His material is awesome be sure to check it out!   We talked everything from dental advice, snakes shedding their skin, why Kalvin hates the LCK, why Vince loves the LCK, Peter Laviolette, Zion Williamson, and, oh yea, a lot of League of Legends!   Pick of the Week Records (Winnings assuming one unit on each bet):   Vince 9 - 6 (+3.94u)   John 5 - 9 (-3.54u)   Chris 8 - 6 (+5.34u)   Kalvin 3 - 11 - 1 (-0.86u)   As a cast: 25 - 32 (+4.88u)     Topics (in order):   Intro    0:02:06 - LCK Weekend Slate---> IMMEDIATE DIGRESSION   0:09:20 - LCK Weekend Slate ACTUALLY   0:35:30 - LPL Weekend Slate   0:34:40 - LPL Weekend Slate   0:59:45 - LEC Weekend Slate   1:23:36 - Digression: Is YamatoCannon to blame for Vitality's struggles? (Vince's "Peter Laviolette Theory")   1:32:37 - North American LCS Weekend Slate   1:51:40 - Pick of the Week!   1:56:27 - Sign offs     Hosts:   Vince C @GelatiLOL   John George @TheEsportsPlug   Chris C @Prim3_T1m3   Kalvin @RulerrSama     The opening theme is "Clouds" by Harvey and the Hendersons (Instagram)(Facebook)     The closing theme is "Wasp in a Hat" by The Tea Club (Facebook)  

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