Episode 4 - The Misfits Whisperer

Episode 4 - The Misfits Whisperer

Episode 4 - The Misfits Whisperer   Recorded on: March 14th, 2019   The sky is falling with all these four digit underdogs winning this week! WHATEVER WILL WE DO! ... The show must go on! We open with a short topic before diving into the picks. How we approach VOD review, closet weebs, EDG stock at an all time low, we still question BiliBili, Victory Five are apparently 3-200 according to Kalvin which leads into yet another LPL tier list digression as we always do, Beishang's side piece, and The Misfits Whisperer makes another appearance. It's like Christmas again!   Topics (in order): 0:01:10 - Opening Topic: How we each generally approach VOD review 0:17:23 - LCK Weekend Slate 0:36:45 - LPL Weekend Slate  0:48:20 - LPL Tier List Digression Chapter #29.4 0:54:33 - We return from our digression and back to the LPL Weekend Slate 1:05:33 - LEC (Europe) Weekend Slate 1:30:00 - LCS (North America) Weekend Slate 1:41:32 - LMS (Taiwan) Picks 1:43:39 - Picks of the Week Review 1:45:45 - Sign Offs   Hosts: Vince C @GelatiLOL John George @TheEsportsPlug Chris C @Prim3_T1m3 Kalvin @RulerrSama The opening theme is "Clouds" by Harvey and the Hendersons (Instagram)(Facebook) The closing theme is "Wasp in a Hat" by The Tea Club (Facebook)  

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