Episode 52 - TSM DWG DOM V5 WeiYan

Episode 52 - TSM DWG DOM V5 WeiYan

  Episode 52 - TSM DWG DOM V5 WeiYan   Recorded on: April 8th, 2020   Joshua Roberts (@RobertsNumber49) from Daily Fantasy Insider and The Action Network makes his triumphant return after... just a week to join John, Vince, and Chris for some in depth conversation and recapping of the Western playoffs and the end of the regular season in the Eastern leagues. A handful of fun digressions about playoff formats, whether playing remotely is impacting certain teams and players, and a guest appearance by WeiYan.   There were a few audio issues that happened in rendering so I had to cut a few things toward the end of the pod, seems like it was weird flukey thing, around when we were talking about Invictus/BiliBili. Apologies, will fix it for next time!   Don't forget to rate, subscribe, and leave a review. Vince will read every single review left on iTunes on the cast! If it's good, or at least entertaining, we have some prizes lined up!   Intro   0:01:10 - News Topics (mostly JackeyLove)   0:10:03 - LCS Playoffs   0:35:10 - LEC Playoffs   0:51:50 - LCK Weekend Slate   1:15:55 - LPL Weekend Slate   1:49:24 - Pick of the Week!   1:54:25 - Sign Offs    Vince write's for The Action Network and Sports Gambling Podcast Network   Chris works with The Game Haus who present awesome LOL content! Vince's Picks/Analysis Blog - Daily betting picks, analysis, and musings about professional LOL   Kalvin is writing DFS material for RotoWire   John and Vince were both guests on RotoGrinders' Morning Grind Podcast. We'd like to thank Stevie for having us on! Check him out @SteveTPFL !   Vince was a guest on The Deep Dive April 1st   2020 Pick of the Week Records (Winnings assuming one unit on each bet):   Vince: 8 - 3 (+4.68u)   John:  5 - 6 (-0.21u)   Chris: 3 - 7 (-2.48u)   Kalvin: 5 - 4 (+3.46u)   Guests: 0 - 1 (-1.0u)   As a cast: 21 - 21 (+4.45u)       Hosts:   Vince C @GelatiLOL   John George @TheEsportsPlug   Chris C @Prim3LoL   Kalvin @RulerrSama     The opening theme is "Clouds" by Harvey and the Hendersons (Instagram)(Facebook)     The closing theme is "Wasp in a Hat"  by The Tea Club (Facebook)                   

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