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Everything You Need to Know about Manufacturing Your Product

Everything You Need to Know about Manufacturing Your Product

How do you manufacture your product at a low cost without sacrificing quality?  Then what do you do when Chinese tariffs increase your costs and eat up your margin?  Austin Casselman, founder of Implement Now, works with dozens of brands, from startup to Fortune 500, and helps them secure the best possible manufacturing options.Along the way, Austin also launched a hunting apparel company,, that has generated millions of video views with their hilarious videos, and more importantly, drove massive sales for their fun line of products.In today’s episode of the Harvest Growth Podcast, we’ll cover:•Finding the best factories for your product.•Exploring options inside and outside of China.•Creating a manufacturing plan to help your business grow profitably.•…and how he grew his apparel company from ground zero.To learn more about Austin’s sourcing company, visit, and to see his hunting apparel company, check out If you have a product you are looking to launch or grow and you would like some help from a partner that has helped successfully launch hundreds of products that now total over $2 Billion in revenues, visit and set up a free consultation with one of our Product Launch Experts.

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