The Main Event (Part 2 - Kev Waite special)

The Main Event (Part 2 - Kev Waite special)

Hi allAs promised (although a little late), in episode 2 our extended R&R features includes an interview with Kev Waite. Kev is the Founder and owner of Move Mind & Body, a Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher and Mental health speaker & campaigner. Kev was kind enough to give us a view of his experiences with Bipolar type 2 from a first person perspective, how he manages the condition and the state of mental health and education today in the UK. It was an amazing insight and we hope you enjoy.Thanks Kev for all your time! For more information:Kev's website:'s Instagram:@move_mind_and_bodyp.s - Note that the boys do discuss some distressing themes, such as suicide, so please be aware.

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