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Fearless Force: Interview with Thiago Seyboth Wild of Brazil

Fearless Force: Interview with Thiago Seyboth Wild of Brazil

In this week's episode of the Lucky Letcord Podcast we are joined by Brazil's Thiago Seyboth Wild. The current World No.114 recently became the youngest player from his country to claim an ATP title as well as the youngest player to win a Golden Swing title in South American since Rafael Nadal in 2005. We talk to the 2018 US Open Boys Singles champion about his transition from juniors to challengers to pros, and ask him what are the key ingredients to making it seem so seamless. We also talk about Thiago's relationship with his father, who has been guiding him since he picked up his first racquet. Thiago says that he puts a lot of trust in what his father says, and he's glad that he chose tennis rather than some of the more popular sports in Brazil, such as football or volleyball. The 20-year-old, who is has recovered from Coronavirus and is now practicing in Brazil, runs down the key elements of his game that he plans to improve and talks about the importance of having self-belief and a fearless quality. We also discuss how he developed that blistering forehand, talk a bit about two of his biggest idols, and more! Follow Thiago on Instagram: Follow Thiago at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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