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Kim Mills from She is Fierce

Kim Mills from She is Fierce

Kim Mills is a writer that has been living the military lifestyle for close to 20 years. Through her writing or storytelling and sharing her personal experiences, military families everywhere have connected to her work at She is Fierce. In this episode of The Military Lifestyle, she speaks about deployments, anxiety and what she has learned from living the lifestyle. Special Guest Kim Mills is a writer and military family member living in Edmonton, Alberta. She is well known in the Canadian military community for her storytelling and is a frequent guest speaker at events hosted by Military Family Resource Centres. She is also the author of the Way Home series of books. Highlights Advice for a new military spouse/partner. Important to ask questions of your partner. For deployments, you take everything with a grain of salt. 6:51 What has helped her deal with anxiety. 14:32 How to live with the risk that comes with the lifestyle. Social media and the high level of connectedness. 20:20 The great parts of the lifestyle. Really need to put effort into the lifestyle to be successful. Quotes “I couldn't have made it this far without, you know, building into my community and doing so took real effort.” - Kim Mills, She is Fierce Connect Podcast website Twitter Facebook Instagram Links She is Fierce Thank you This podcast is made possible by funding from True Patriot Love Foundation. Thank you to Organized Sound Productions for their help bringing this podcast to life.

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