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Preparing Single Military Members for Deployment

Preparing Single Military Members for Deployment

If you're a single military member and getting ready to deploy, you might be excited without a care in the world. But there are things for you to think about before you leave. So if you're single, single-ish, a parent of a single military member, or in a position of influence over one, let’s dig into everything you need to take care of before a deployment. Special Guest Sandra Pinard has been the deployment coordinator at the Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre for over 15 years. Highlights Financial matters to have in order before you leave. Expect the unexpected. 10:24 Income tax. Legal things to have in place like will and power of attorney. Vehicles, driver’s licenses, passports. 17:19 Information to share with friends and family members. Expectations of communication. Pet talk. Children talk. Importance of developing an Emergency Family Plan. Quotes “It can be a challenge for a mom or a dad to have their 19 year old go to off to basic training and then suddenly be shipped across the country. That's an adjustment for the entire family.” - Sandra Pinard  Connect Podcast website Twitter Facebook Instagram Links MFRC Deployment app Thank you This podcast is made possible by funding from True Patriot Love Foundation. Thank you to Organized Sound Productions for their help bringing this podcast to life.  

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