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Promoting Health with Kids

Promoting Health with Kids

The military lifestyle can be hard on kids, especially when part of their support system is away. Maintaining good physical and mental health is so important. Let’s examine the factors for good health and some things for you to do to set your military-connected child up for life. Special Guest Maryse Neilson is Health Promotion Manager at CFB Esquimalt and a member of the MARPAC Health and Wellness Strategy. Highlights The different kinds of health to consider. 5:11 The factors for good health. Easier to establish good behaviours when a child is young. Recommendations to military families. If you start early, what does it look like? Be creative. Shop together, clean together, garden together. 18:36 Try to promote spontaneous play. Promoting good mental health habits. 23:03 All behaviour is communication. Quotes “At a family level, we have to create family patterns and behaviours and structures that promote our health." - Maryse Neilson Connect Podcast website Twitter Facebook Instagram Links Health Promotion Program Thank you This podcast is made possible by funding from True Patriot Love Foundation. Thank you to Organized Sound Productions for their help bringing this podcast to life.

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