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Resilience Through Challenging Times

Resilience Through Challenging Times

Military Families learn to be resilient through living the military lifestyle. A pandemic might be the perfect time to lean in on those skills. Let's examine how life has changed and what can help military families through this experience. Special Guest Pauline Sibbald is a social worker with the Transition Centre at CFB Esquimalt.    Highlights 2:28 Lives have been turned upside down and Covid-19 as a significant life altering event. Grieving the loss of our lives. 12:22 Talking to kids about the pandemic. 20:14 Military families might have the skills to handle the pandemic. R2MR The Road to Mental Readiness and its application to Covid-19. Can we distract ourselves nowadays? Staying connected in a world that preaches physical distancing. Quotes “We are truly stronger together. When you live this military lifestyle, you kind of live your life in two to three year increments. That's the cycle of deployment. That's the posting cycle. That's career progression. But with that there's all this adaptation that comes into play as well. Part of living the military lifestyle. There have been opportunities along the way, where people may have been able to learn some skills to help them cope through when dealing with COVID.” – Pauline Sibbald Connect Podcast website Twitter Facebook Instagram Links R2MR – The Road to Mental Readiness Member Assistance Program Family Information Line Thank you Thank you to Organized Sound Productions for their help bringing this podcast to life.

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