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The Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman

The Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman

The military is a complex system. There are a lot of policies that govern the way it operates and that system can be complex for even the most experienced person. If you ever feel like the system's failed you, that you've got a complaint and think you've been treated unfairly, there's a formal way to move forward with help from the office of the Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman. Special Guest Greg Lick has been the Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman since 2018. His previous work experience includes the Canadian Coast Guard and the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves.  Highlights The role of the Ombudsman in three parts. 6:53 Most popular way to contact office is by phone. Walking through the process from the initial contact. 13:02 Issues they see on a daily basis. Ombudsman view of important family issues for military families. 18:42 Healthcare availability is the biggest issue right now. Upcoming initiatives at the Office of the Ombudsman. Quotes “You always get to talk to a live person when you phone us. And even if you leave a message will always call you back. We have very clear service standards, which actually make sure that we do call you back that live voice is really important where somebody has a complaint because most people when they have a complaint, they want to be heard.” – Greg Lick, CAF Ombudsman  Connect Podcast website Twitter Facebook Instagram Links Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman Website Thank you This podcast is made possible by funding from True Patriot Love Foundation. Thank you to Organized Sound Productions for their help bringing this podcast to life.  

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