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Ep. 6: The Lion King - DIY Mycology & Lions Mane Mushrooms (feat. MycTyson Mushrooms)

Ep. 6: The Lion King - DIY Mycology & Lions Mane Mushrooms (feat. MycTyson Mushrooms)

On this episode of Mushroom Hour, we have the privilege of interviewing the man behind MycTyson Mushrooms. Myc has years of professional mushroom growing experience, founded the community and has spent the past 8 years on his own intensive cultivation and research projects. He's best known for his Hericium erinaceus or lions mane mushrooms! Our chat starts by diving into the digital to talk about how online communities should provide safe spaces for new mycophiles to learn and grow in their journey of exploring mushroom cultivation. We reveal some sage wisdom and useful resources for those who want to start growing their own mushrooms. What is the most critical thing to have in your toolkit when you decide you want to dive deeper into the world of mushroom growing? True to his nickname, we enter the lion's den and learn about the medicinal properties of lions mane and Myc's lions mane breeding program. Pulling from 30+ wild strains of this potent medicinal, he hopes to develop a powerful strain that will be a vigorous grower loaded with beneficial compounds (and maybe sporeless!). Finally, we talk about a new book in the works to help everyone grow lions mane and how MycTyson Mushrooms is planning to support mushroom farming efforts in developing countries. Thanks for listening and Mush Love! Directed, Recorded, Produced by: Mushroom Hour Music by: Ancient Baby Art by: Wyn Di Stefano Episode Resources MycTyson Mushrooms Mushroom Cultivation by Peter Oei (book) Fungal Pharmacy by Robert Rogers (book) Lions Mane Research Articles 

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