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Ep 536 | COVID-19 Just Got Worse: Now Causing Outbreak of SOCIALISM!

Ep 536 | COVID-19 Just Got Worse: Now Causing Outbreak of SOCIALISM!

President Trump announces "Operation Warp Speed" to help develop a coronavirus vaccine. That's great that they are in a hurry to get a vaccine out, but are they prioritizing speed over safety? And just to make COVID-19 worse, the Democratic Socialists of America have just added 10,000 new members due to America's response to the virus. These new members didn't like that there was a brief toilet paper shortage in the U.S.? Clearly they are not familiar with the EVERYTHING shortage in socialist Venezuela. Presidential candidate Joe Biden continues to worry everyone with his older age after he attempts to talk to a pre-recorded video during a virtual town hall. And lastly, Facebook wants to pay YOU to help get rid of "hateful memes." No thanks! Today's Sponsors: Tired of losing your hair? With Keeps, you can save your hair without leaving your couch. Get a free online doctor consult and 50% OFF your first order by going to Take the Ruff Greens 14-Day JumpStart Challenge today for just $14.95 and see the difference in your dog in 14 days or less. If you want to see your dog thrive again, just go to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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