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Ep 541 | Joe Biden: 'You Ain’t Black' if You Vote for Trump. Say What?!

Ep 541 | Joe Biden: 'You Ain’t Black' if You Vote for Trump. Say What?!

While some experts say that a second wave of COVID-19 will hit the U.S., President Trump has declared, "We're not going to close the country." Doctors now say they are seeing more deaths from suicide than from the coronavirus. Did we make a mistake by closing America and making people stay at home? About 4,300 patients recovering from the coronavirus were sent to nursing homes in NY, and that caused more problems. Where is Gov. Cuomo on this and why isn’t he being held responsible? Once again Joe Biden is making a fool of himself, this time in front of black radio host Charlamagne Tha God. Sleepy Joe said if black voters have a problem deciding whether to vote for him or Trump, then they "ain't black." In the same interview, he said that people in jail have something in common, and that's "they can't read." Is Joe Biden losing the black vote? Are we going to see a Biden/Klobuchar ticket in November 2020? Today's sponsor: Tired of losing your hair? With Keeps, you can save your hair without leaving your couch. Get a free online doctor consult and 50% OFF your first order by going to Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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