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Mental Health in Motherhood with Nadine Brown

Mental Health in Motherhood with Nadine Brown

Nadine Brown, a physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic health as well as a former competitive boxer, joins me to share her touching personal birth story. She talks so openly about the emotions she felt during pregnancy that didn't align with everyone else, the birth experience that did not go as planned, how she struggled physically and emotionally during that first year as a new mom, and how she has reached the stage of acceptance in her healing journey. Don't forget to look out for the infographic Nadine and I worked on to go with this podcast on tips to get through early motherhood at www.loriforner.com or @pelvicwod in Instagram. If you know this topic is too difficult to listen to, please come back to listen when you feel ready. If you listen and feel triggered emotionally, or any of this story feels too close to home for you or a friend, please talk to someone. Below are some links that may help: PANDA - Perinatal anxiety and depressionCOPE - Centre of Perinatal ExcellencePSI - Postpartum Support InternationalGidget Foundation Beyond Blue Blog by Nadine for Sue Croft    

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