The @Percussion - Episode 165 - Payton MacDonald

The @Percussion - Episode 165 - Payton MacDonald

165 - Payton MacDonaldThis week's guest is Payton MacDonald - a musician, filmmaker, and cyclist. All of his work centers around exploring the boundaries of art and endurance, whether creating ground-breaking new music, mind-expanding films, pedaling a mountain bike hundreds of miles a day in remote areas, or doing all three at the same time.Watch here. Listen below.0:00 Intro and hello1:30 Working with Keiko Abe?8:00 Sonic Divide film  17:40 What information did you give the composers that you commissioned?20:00 How has performing outside for "no audience" changed how you perform for a traditional concert hall audience?23:45 Megan: Music in The American Wild project, and other outdoor performers.29:35 When did your passions (percussion, biking, and the outdoors) come together?  How did you prepare?36:20 How has the Sonic Divide changed your prospective on repertoire? How we share experimental music40:55 Your teacher, Michael Udow?42:50 More on your classical Indian experience?50:12 Next projects?55:27 Studying with Julie Spencer?

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