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#103 - Looking back on the first 99 episodes: Strong Convictions, Loosely Held

#103 - Looking back on the first 99 episodes: Strong Convictions, Loosely Held

In this episode, originally recorded to be the 100th episode of The Drive, Peter discusses topics that he has changed his mind about since starting the podcast as a result of preparing for interviews as well as from the actual conversations. Peter also reviews some of his favorite moments from the first 99 episodes, shares what books he’s currently reading, and much more. Initially scheduled to be released as episode 100, this was delayed due to recent podcasts covering COVID-19. We discuss: Definition of “strong convictions loosely held,” and the value in trying to shoot down your own hypotheses [2:20]; Metformin—How Peter’s strong convictions have changed since 2018 [8:00]; Getting a dog—Why Peter caved and how it’s going so far [15:45]; Rapamycin—How Peter’s feelings have evolved, and the questions still needing to be answered [20:45]; Archery, the joy of pursuing mastery, and the importance of stillness [26:50]; Zone 2 training—Why Peter has made it a big component of his exercise regimen [37:30]; Deadlifts—Why Peter now believes it’s extremely beneficial to longevity when done properly [41:45]; Read any good books lately? [50:00]; Baby aspirin for preventing blood clotting—Why Peter no longer takes it, and a few alternative options [53:15]; Generic drugs—How and why Peter’s mind has shifted on generic drugs [55:45]; Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA—How Peter’s long-held views have changed [58:15]; How Peter got better at saying “no” [1:02:30]; Does Peter have any favorite episodes of The Drive? [1:07:15]; and More. Learn more: Show notes page for this episode: Subscribe to receive exclusive subscriber-only content: Sign up to receive Peter's email newsletter: Connect with Peter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

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