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#98 - Peter Attia, M.D. and Paul Grewal, M.D.: Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ

#98 - Peter Attia, M.D. and Paul Grewal, M.D.: Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ

In this episode, Dr. Paul Grewal, M.D. joins Peter to discuss what they have learned in the past week in the midst of the rapid changes surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Their conversation touches on both optimism and uncertainty: actionable steps we can take to improve the situation with the understanding that it is too late for viral containment. Specifically, Peter and Paul discuss some promising drug treatment, reasons for isolating-behavior adoption, and what they are personally instituting in their own lives. Disclaimer: This is information accurate as of March 13, 2020, when it was recorded. We discuss: When the gravity of Coronavirus (COVID-19) hit home [04:30]; Hospitalization and ICU bed space as an issue [8:15]; Natural history and pathology of COVID-19 [12:00]; Potential drug therapies [22:00]; How thinking has changed from containment to management [30:00]; What Paul and Peter are doing [49:00]; What we know about viral transmission [57:00]; and More. Learn more: Show notes page for this episode: Subscribe to receive exclusive subscriber-only content: Sign up to receive Peter's email newsletter: Connect with Peter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.

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