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Mastering the Art of Donor Meetings with Joanna Hogan of Porter Hills

Mastering the Art of Donor Meetings with Joanna Hogan of Porter Hills

Joanna Hogan is a strategic fundraising coach. She helps fundraising professionals achieve extraordinary results by transforming their viewpoint and approach. Joanna is also the Vice President of Philanthropy at Porter Hills foundation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and she has achieved remarkable fundraising success during her more than two decades of practical experience, including leading a $7.5 million campaign as Vice President of the Clark Retirement Community.  In this episode… As a fundraising professional, you need to be all-in on your advocacy of making a difference in people’s lives and in helping people rally around a cause in order to accomplish something great. The difficulty lies in figuring out exactly how to do it and it starts from the moment you decide to reach out to a potential donor. So how will you set up that meeting and how can you structure the meeting in order to move people closer to making a gift?   Joanna Hogan is a strategic fundraising coach with extensive experience in philanthropy, and for her, setting up the meeting with potential donors to be as productive as possible is the key to getting the funding you need for your cause. In this episode of Philanthropy212 Podcast, Penny Cowden, talks to Joanna Hogan of Porter Hills about her best tips in setting up and making donor meetings productive, how to handle donor objections during the meeting, what to do if they say no to making a gift, and find out why she says that fundraisers do not need a desk in the office. Stay tuned.

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