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Reaching Out to Donors with Joe Tumolo of Gift Planning Development

Reaching Out to Donors with Joe Tumolo of Gift Planning Development

Joe Tumolo is the CEO of Gift Planning Development. He has helped over 75 organizations expand their gift planning programs. He loves structure and process and works with his clients to get more intentional and confident about integrating gift planning into all of their internal conversations, donor interactions, and reporting. He likes to say gift planning is everyone's business. Joseph works with not-for-profit organizations of various sizes all across the U.S. Joe tests what he teaches through his work as a part-time major Gift Planning Officer for Salesian Missions based in New Rochelle, NY. In this episode… The ongoing reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it the need for philanthropy professionals to rejig their donor communication and gift solicitation process. Now more than ever, donor gifts and pledges are a lifeline that’s much needed by many people. However, philanthropy professionals should keep in mind that donors also need to be checked in on, not just because you want to get a pledge but because you actually care for how things are going for them.  Joe Tumolo of Gift Planning Development says that reaching out to a donor just to check in and to keep lines open is crucial to maintain a good relationship with them. But how do you encourage donations and maintain relationships in this time of physical distancing? Join Penny Cowden in this episode of Philanthropy212 as she interviews Joe Tumolo about the value and process of an effective phone outreach, the need to develop a system when asking for donations over the phone, and the importance of checking in on the well being of your donor every now and then. Stay tuned.

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