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EP 130: How to Find Private Money in Your Own Network with Tamar Hermes

EP 130: How to Find Private Money in Your Own Network with Tamar Hermes

Creatively funding your deals will help you grow your real estate portfolio more quickly.  On today’s episode, we talk with Tamar Hermes, a full-time real estate investor and educator, about the power of private money. We discuss with Tamar how she how she went from house hacking a duplex in her twenties to passively investing in syndications, how creative financing can help you achieve your real estate goals, and how to get over the fear of the first deal. We also discuss the three things that hold women back from getting started in investing and how you can move through the doubt. Tamar Hermes is a full-time Real Estate Investor and educator. After building successful businesses in retail and entertainment industries, she turned her attention to Real Estate with a mission to get more women to become investors and continue to build her portfolio. Tamar has been investing in Real Estate for over 20 years with a focus on appreciation with buy & hold single-family homes and duplexes in Los Angeles. In the past few years, she has expanded her portfolio to include passive multi-family investments across multiple states, private lending, and Airbnb properties. She bought her first duplex when she was 28. She has three kids, married for 18 years, and plans to relocate from Los Angeles to Austin in July On today’s episode, we discuss a ton with Tamar, including: How to approach a private lender for funding The importance of a credit score when securing loans What holds women back from stepping into the wealth they deserve Why you should be crystal clear on your investing formula and strategy. Books/Resources Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl  Discover the Power of Real Estate Investing webinar Contact Information     InvestHER Community Our mission is to support and inspire women real estate investors around the globe to live a financially free and balanced life. We are dedicated to creating empowering online and in person communities where women have a non-intimidating environment to ask questions and receive the support they need. Our vision is to see all woman investors achieve her financial freedom goals on her own terms.   How To Join the InvestHER Movement   1)  The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast - The weekly show details the journey of some of the most amazing women real estate investors around the world, who open up their lives and share practical and strategic tools for growing a rental portfolio, flipping houses and the mindset that allows them to run a successful investing business while taking care of their families and most importantly taking care of themselves.    Subscribe via Itunes  Subscribe via Android  Subscribe via Stitcher   2)  InvestHER Community on Facebook  We have 2k+ members in our Facebook InvestHER Community (and growing!) This is a safe place for women to ask real estate investing questions and gain the support they need to achieve their goals!   3) InvestHER Meetups Around the Globe We have over 4k+ meetup members attending close to 25 InvestHER Meetups across the country and Canada.  Meetups are being held monthly by experienced InvestHER Leaders! Learn more about our InvestHER leaders, meetup locations, and how to become an InvestHER Leader HERE!

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