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Episode 10: Ghost Therapy 2020

Episode 10: Ghost Therapy 2020

Happy 2020, Friends! This first installment of the new year is an interview with Rachel V. in her very own haunted home. We discuss her resident spectre, "knowing" things, and discover ghosts tampering with our podcasting equipment. As soon as we walked into her house, things started getting weird so we got set up as soon as possible. This is a long one. Buckle-up, get comfy, and stifle those cries so you don't miss any of the stories. * * * * * * * * *  Between the present and past there are memories held in the walls and earth. Follow Emily and Joy as they explore the spaces between the living and the dead. Hauntings, extrasensory perception, and all things paranormal. Welcome to The Residuals. Music provided by Twitter @TheResidualsPod Instagram @The_Residuals_Podcast   ©2019

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

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