The Residuals

Episode 11: I Have Dead People in My Neck

Episode 11: I Have Dead People in My Neck

A haunted hospital, college sleepovers, Zak Bagans, skydiving, The Cecil Hotel, ouija boards, surgery, and more! Can you believe it? We have a lot to tell you and most of it will probably keep you up at night. Start a chatroom with other listeners so you can commiserate. Byeeeeeee. * * * * * * * * * * Between the present and past there are memories held in the walls and earth.  Follow Emily and Joy as they explore the spaces between the living and the dead. Hauntings, extrasensory perception, and all things paranormal.   Welcome to The Residuals.   Music provided by Twitter @TheResidualsPod Instagram @The_Residuals_Podcast ©2019

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