Ben Hamm

103. Collared

103. Collared

A woman tells us about the devastating impact spending seven years in an underground community had on her. See pictures:  Rose and her partner now; her bag of tricks and her formal collar.  They're waiting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Search @secretroompod. BETTER HELP Get 10% off your first month at NATIVE Get 20% off your first purchase by going to and entering promo code SECRET. FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUP Join our fan page! Click here or search for the group and ask to join.  All are welcome. :) ALL OUR SPONSORS See all our sponsors and their offers: SECRET ROOM | UNLOCKED How did we keep the new show a secret for eight months?  Also Kelley from Ep. 97 has reaction about his classic “boo boo lights” blooper from her show, and last minute production chaos in Ep 102 Special Announcement!  Available at PODCAST TEAM Susie Lark, Sachelle Brooks and Alessandro Nigro.  Chet is the sound engineer.  Music and Theme by Breakmaster Cylinder. YOUR SECRET Do you have a hopeful secret to share?  Click "Share a secret" at LISTENER SURVEY Take our Listener Survey at!!

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