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India's air, NY's rebound, and llama bombing

India's air, NY's rebound, and llama bombing

In the first segment [1:39-16:17], hosts Eric Jaffe and Vanessa Quirk discuss this week's top stories: Covid is cleansing India’s air — can it last? (Raghu Karnad, New Yorker) / China’s real-time pollution data (Eric Jaffe, Sidewalk Talk) How NYC can rebound from Covid (Dan Doctoroff, New York Times) / Lessons from Pittsburgh 1918 (Eric Jaffe, Sidewalk Talk) Bringing industrial use back to neighborhoods (Ray Dubicki, Urbanist) In the second segment [16:40-22:54], the hosts interview Newsha Ghaeli, co-founder of the epidemiology start-up Biobot about tracking Covid through city wastewater. (Gregory Barber, Wired)  And in the final segment [23:10-25:08], the hosts share what made them smile this week. Banksy works from home (Christopher Jobson, Colossal) GOAT 2 Meeting (Paige Leskin, Business Insider)

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