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Rent strikes, soda tax, and John Denver

Rent strikes, soda tax, and John Denver

In the first segment [1:40-15:00], hosts Eric Jaffe and Vanessa Quirk discuss this week's top stories: Rent-strikes would offer relief now, but at what cost down the line? (Kriston Capps, CityLab) A short history of the Census — and why this could be the U.S.’s last (Andrew Whitby, Wired) Covid has demonstrated just how unevenly public space is distributed (Alissa Walker, Curbed) / In ode of “sociable distancing” (Michael Mehaffy, CNU) In the second segment [15:25-22:25], the hosts interview reporter Gregory Scruggs about the city of Seattle, which has started using the revenues generated from its controversial soda tax to fund emergency grocery vouchers for families during the Covid-19 outbreak. (Next City) And in the final segment [23:00-25:05], the hosts share what made them smile this week. A history of the Drive-Thru (Adam Chandler, Serious Eats) Lori Lightfoot memes (Susan Moskop, Chicago Tribune)

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