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Toronto, road diets, and hair confessions

Toronto, road diets, and hair confessions

In the first segment [1:11-16:30], hosts Eric Jaffe and Vanessa Quirk discuss this week's top stories: Why we’re no longer pursuing the Quayside project in Toronto (Dan Doctoroff, Sidewalk Talk) The death of the office? (Catherine Nixey, 1843) The startup trying to crack safe autonomous driving (Alex Davies, Wired) In the second segment [16:52 - 23:21], the hosts bring on Sidewalk Labs’ Director of Mobility for Streets, Willa Ng, to answer a listener question about a controversial road diet in Alexandria, Virginia. (Hat tip to these reporters: Jordan Pascuale for WAMU / Beth Lawton for Alexandria Living Magazine / Canaan Merchant for Greater Greater Washington And in the final segment [23:24 - 26:01], the hosts share what made them smile this week. “Yuppie” turns 40 (Phoebe Mogharei, Chicago Mag) Quarantine Bolero (Tim Teeman, Daily Beast)

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