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community development and grant writing with Stachen Frederick

community development and grant writing with Stachen Frederick

I took a deep breath. Feeling a bit nervous, excited and scared, I pushed the button and hoped for the best. If you think I’m talking about playing a slot machine, you’re not that far off. Isn’t this how we feel every time we hit the “submit” button for a grant? Everybody tells you to do it, but there is no guarantee or any indication of certainty that you’ll get it. This was certainly true for me when I started my fundraising career! I’ve had so many clients and friends in the sector ask me whether they should outsource their grant writing. I get it. If someone can just show up and magically lift us off from the burden of writing grants, that would be so wonderful. This is why I'm so excited to share today’s podcast, where grant writer, coach, and community developer Stachen Frederick tells us her secrets on writing successful grants (with a unique spin). Stachen wants you to be writing less grants but getting way more out of every one of them, including the impact of bringing your community together in the process. Give it a listen!For access to the show notes and resources, click here.

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