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Mastering your Theory of Change with Lisa Watson

Mastering your Theory of Change with Lisa Watson

If I go for a short run this morning, then I will feel energized throughout the day and be healthier in the long term. This was my mental cue that got me up at 5:30 am today. This has been my personal theory of change for the past 5 years, since I started running. Put simply, a theory of change is an “If… then…” scenario. If I do this, then this will happen. But for some reason, when it comes to the theory of change for our organizations, things get messy. Different people at the table will have different opinions. Peeling off layers of complexity in our organizations can provoke some uncomfortable conversations. More often than not, theory of change becomes a document covered in dust on a shelf. But if I didn't think running would give more fuel for the day and make me healthier, why would I get up so early for it? By that same logic, if we are not clear about why we do what we do, how could we show up with our best selves? This is why I'm delighted to share with you today's podcast with Lisa Watson, co-founder and lead strategist from Openly. Lisa and her team have done some incredible work helping nonprofits to clarify their theory of change and communicate them in creative, meaningful ways. Give a listen, and may we all be on track towards the changes we want to make in the world!For access to the show notes and resources, click here.

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