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See You On The Internet with Avery Swartz

See You On The Internet with Avery Swartz

I have heard such different stories from clients and friends. Some are having no problem working from home, as they’re able to access all of their files on the cloud. Some, however, are frustrated by databases and other tools that are crashing or are not functioning remotely at all. How organizations can remain relevant and resilient in the digital world is one of the biggest learnings for our sector during this pandemic. This can be an overwhelming topic. Technology is not always easy to use. That’s why our guest on this week’s podcast, Avery Swartz, wrote a book about all things internet for you. Avery wants you to save your energy and time to focus on your important work and mission, and not to lose any sleep worrying about technology or digital marketing. Give a listen and start your week with something refreshing!For access to the show notes and resources, click here.

Duration: 34 min

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