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Slay The Mic with Jam Gamble

Slay The Mic with Jam Gamble

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that your voice is not heard or that it’s drowned out? Currently, with everything being communicated online, it’s so easy to feel that what you have to say is going to get buried in a conference call or countless social media posts. And when we do share our voices, we don’t love it. I remembered when I started the podcast, I also struggled with listening to my own voice playing back at me. Being able to express ourselves and communicate clearly is so important to our work and our wellbeing. I am more than excited to share with you today’s podcast, where Jam Gamble, coach extraordinaire of Slay the Mic program, tells us how to overcome the fear of self-expression and ace public speaking. Let me let you in on a little secret: memorizing the speech does not do the trick. My whole team is loving this podcast episode so I know you will too! What you have to say is so important. Your voice is unique and beautiful. Share it!For access to the show notes and resources, click here.

Duration: 35 min

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