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Ep. 120 – Sizing People Up - LIVE AT DEF CON 27 with Robin Dreeke

Ep. 120 – Sizing People Up - LIVE AT DEF CON 27 with Robin Dreeke

On This Episode We Discuss: 0:00 - 10th year anniversary podcast! 2:38 - Robin’s book Sizing People Up 3:43 - Why trust is ultimately what matters 5:33 - Perry’s speech at SEVillage 7:45 - Changing the context of how you view your situation (And the world) 10:35 - How you choose who to engage when speaking to an audience 11:10 - Stage hypnosis 13:15 - Why you need to make every statement about the other person 14:50 - Why we always act in our best interest and understanding what that means for others 17:28 - How you can use social engineering in real-life social situations (And how to mitigate manipulation) 22:44 - The differences between the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms industries  27:25 - The most effect technique for listening 28:08 - The Black Badge Contest winners  29:05 - How the Black Badge works and why it’s so high pressure 30:03 - Techniques for building rapport 33:17 - Having so many people fill the room at DEF CON 36:22 - Protecting data and how changing culture has to start from the top 41:10 - Career prospects and how to find the right company to work for 44:38 - The value of writing to build credibility and get more clients  46:55 - Phishing education and incentivizing positive action 49:45 - Taking time to figure out people’s strengths and top 3 priorities of people you’re working with 50:45 - Why loving your product, believing in what you’re selling, and knowing it will help people is crucial to selling a product 54:32 - Dealing with fatigue while vishing (And taking breaks) 58:04 - What makes a great social-engineer 1:00:00 - Perry’s Book 1:03:37 - A technique for catching 3 spies (Coming soon)  Connect with Them Robin Dreeke on LinkedIn Robin Dreeke on Twitter Perry Carpenter on LinkedIn Perry Carpenter on Twitter  Links: Sizing People Up (Book)  Transformational Security Awareness: What Neuroscientists, Storytellers, and Marketers Can Teach Us About Driving Secure Behaviors (Book) The Code of Trust (Book) KnowBe4 (Perrys Company) People Formula (Robin’s Company) Episode 99 Episode 78 Episode 42 Episode 20 Joe Navarro DEF CON SEVillage Orlando 2020 Stephanie Paul  Amanda Berlin

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