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Eco Social Work and Climate Justice

Eco Social Work and Climate Justice

This episode includes an interview which was recorded in late 2019 just prior to the terrible Australian bushfire disaster. Many of the points of view shared by the panelists became highly poignant in the following months. We believe you'll feel the same way. As ever, join Mim & Lis as they unpack this emerging, yet integral social work practice in Eco Social Work and Climate Justice. We hope you enjoy! Hosts - Mim Fox & Lis Murphy. Producers - Ben Joseph & Justin Stech. Music - "Mama" by Ben Grace (Copyright 2018). Find song in-full on iTunes or Spotify. You can find us on Instagram and Twitter at @SOWKStoriesPod, and can hear more of our episodes by subscribing to the Social Work Stories Podcast wherever you get your podcasts. And as always, you can find us at our home on the web,

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