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Writing Abstracts with Terry Palisch

Writing Abstracts with Terry Palisch

This is episode SPE’s VP of Communications, Glenda Smith is joined by longtime SPE volunteer, Terry Palisch, who is the Petroleum Engineering Advisor at CARBO Ceramics. They discuss the importance of how to properly write a paper proposal.More From Terry PalischJPT: SPE Technical Directors’ Outlook: Tearing Down the Walls Among DisciplinesOnePetro: Delineating Far Field Prropped Fracture Geometry Using Electromagnetic Geophysics and its Potential Impact on Well Planning and Reservoir ModelingOnePetro: Sieve Distribution vs Sand Retention: The Impact of Mono-Sieved Gravel on Sand Control We hope you enjoy the SPE Podcast… and take away something useful to your job and career along the way.  Your feedback is welcome, along with ideas for topics you would like to see us cover in future podcasts. You can also send your feedback to what you are hearing? Give us a 5-star rating and leave a review – we love reading what you have to say. You can also get connected with SPE on all social media, just use #SPEpodcast. Society of Petroleum Engineers on SocialLinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTubeMore InformationEvent Calendar | Membership | Publications | Training | Resources Thanks for listening!

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