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Episode 12: The Power of Podcasting Kelly Croy

Episode 12: The Power of Podcasting Kelly Croy

Show Notes In this awesome episode, we were honoured to have spoken with the one-and-only Kelly Croy (@kellycroy). Kelly is an author, speaker, Apple Distinguished Educator and is the voice of the popular, ‘The Wired Educator Podcast’ (@WiredEducator). Across the world, Kelly is known as an innovator and inspirational speaker who is passionate about education and leadership. In our conversation with Kelly we spoke about podcasting as a medium in education for both teachers and students. Kelly shed light on why he thinks podcasting is a powerful tool to enhance student engagement and creativity and offered some insightful views on his experiences on his show. Want to know what was said? Check out the questions below: Here’s a breakdown of our chat with Kelly including time-stamps so you can skip through: Who is Kelly Croy and what is his background in education? (3:40) What inspired Kelly to create the Wired Educator Podcast? (4:30) Did Kelly find inspiration for his own podcast by listening to other educational podcasts? (6:40) Why does Kelly think podcasting is such a powerful medium for teachers? (8:00) How does Kelly believe podcasting can be integrated into the classroom as a teaching and learning tool? (10:00) What types of podcasts has Kelly challenged his students to create in the past? (12:38) What is Apple’s Everyone Can Create curriculum all about? Why does Kelly believe creativity is a vital part of learning? (15:47) In Kelly’s time as a podcaster, which guest has inspired him the most? (21:34) What are the most inspiring strategies, ideas or approaches Kelly has learnt from his guests on his podcast, The Wired Educator? (24:55) Quick Fire Questions (27:25): What book are you currently reading? What was your favourite book growing up? What advice would you give to new English teachers? What is your ‘must have’ app for English teachers? Where can Kelly be found online? Where can people find a copy of his book, ‘Along Came a Leader’ and where can people listen to ‘The Wired Educator Podcast’? (35:10)    We loved Kelly’s enthusiasm and presence – his passion for podcasting was palpable and we certainly learnt a lot! Hopefully, this episode has inspired you to think of ways to integrate podcasting into the curriculum. For us, it’s helped us think of new, exciting and creative approaches to studying texts in English. What about you? We wish Kelly Croy all the best for 2018 and his continuing success of ‘The Wired Educator Podcast’. If you’d like to pick up a copy of his book, you can buy ‘Along Came a Leader’ from Amazon. Awesome! Until next time! Jamie, Michael and Tessa Twitter: @XpatEducator @Michael_Royall @tessa_johnson2 

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