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Episode 14: Digital Creativity Adam Torrens

Episode 14: Digital Creativity Adam Torrens

Show Notes This week we were privileged to chat about creativity in the tech-classroom with Australian teacher Adam Torrens (@AdamTorrens84). Adam is an award-winning teacher, digital learning leader and Apple Distinguished Educator who works at Stamford American International School in Singapore. With the introduction of Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Create’ curriculum, we had lots to talk about and wanted to find out Adam’s thoughts and how he has utilised these resources. For us, video, photography, drawing and audio have an important role to plan in the modern classroom – Adam inspired us with innovative examples of the way technology is integrated at his school. Here’s a break-down of our chat complete with time-stamps: How did Adam’s background inspire his career as a teacher? (3:40) How does Adam believe his school (Stamford American International School) balances progressive pedagogy with more traditional knowledge-based approaches? (5:18) What good examples of tech-based projects does Adam explain are commonplace in his classroom? (7:55) Why does Adam believe creation-based apps are important and have an impact on learning? (9:15) What examples of powerful creation-based apps does Adam give? (10:25) Why does Adam believe Project Based Learning is a powerful approach? Does Adam think it lends itself to creativity? (11:12) What does Adam think about Apple’s new Everyone Can Create curriculum? How does it fit in with his school’s philosophy? (15:11) How does Adam believe his school empowered teachers to feel confident with tech-tools? (16:42) Which of the Everyone Can Create books does Adam thin is the most important? Why does Adam think video is so important in the classroom? (18:40) Does Adam think it is possible to integrate all of the skills from the Everyone Can Create boos throughout the whole curriculum? (20:30) Does Adam think that the Everyone Can Create initiative can complement STEM? (21:30) How does Adam believe his role as an Apple Distinguished Educator has influenced technology at his school? (24:10) Why does Adam think Keynote, Pages and other core Apple apps so powerful? (25:30)   We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Staffroom and found Adam’s ideas and philosophy as inspiring as we did. The idea of putting pedagogy first and technology second has always struck a chord with us and we loved Adam’s views on Apple’s new curriculum. We wish Adam all the best for the future and his journey with digital creativity. Until next time! Jamie, Michael and Tessa Twitter: @XpatEducator @Michael_Royall @tessa_johnson2

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