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36: Spring Bridal Market Recap with Lisa Gooder

36: Spring Bridal Market Recap with Lisa Gooder

New York Bridal Market is one of the largest and most exciting events in the bridal industry. From floral arrangements to décor, to next season’s dress collections, Bridal Market has it all.  In today’s episode, Editor in Chief of Brides Magazine, Lisa Gooder, is here to discuss the upcoming trends and what’s currently hot from Spring Bridal Market. To hear more about this season’s inspiration and how to implement it into your wedding in a unique way, tune into this episode of The Stylish Bride with Julie Sabatino.  Show Highlights:  What Bridal Market is  Bringing the best of Bridal Market to readers  The buying cycle of dresses and advertising them according to their availability  Current trends within the bridal industry  Having multiple outfits for the wedding and convertible dresses  Current 70’s inspired looks  The rise of menswear in the bridal industry  How shorts are being integrated into weddings  Being a modern bride in a sea of tradition  Embracing who you are and reflecting that through the wedding  How traditions can be beautiful and nostalgic  Links:  Contact Julie:  https://thestylishbride.com Instagram: @Thestylishbride  Contact Lisa:  https://www.brides.com

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