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37: Behind the Scenes with Industry Disruptor Spina Bride

37: Behind the Scenes with Industry Disruptor Spina Bride

Most of us have been dreaming of our wedding day since childhood – the florals, the shoes, the venue, the dress. It’s a special day that you want to be perfect, and Spina Bride ensures it is. In this episode, Giselle, founder of Spina Bride, explains the concepts behind Spina Bride, how they curate a unique experience, and what the process of working with an exclusive designer looks like. To learn more about Spina Bride and the one-of-a-kind services they offer, tune into this interview on The Stylish Bride.   Show Highlights:  The concept behind Spina Bride  Different pieces and designers Spina Bride carries’  Transitioning from floral design to wedding dresses  Incorporating stylists into the business  Being curated and reachable  Creating a warm and individual experience  Being a disruptor in the wedding/fashion industry  The target bride for Spina Bride  The process of selecting designers  Catering specifically to brides needs  How custom dresses are designed  What roll budget plays in finding a dress  How to set a wedding dress budget  The timeline for international and small business designers  Being present throughout the process   Links:  https://thestylishbride.com Contact Giselle:  https://www.spinabride.com Instagram: @Spinabride 

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