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38: Choosing the Mother of the Bride Dress

38: Choosing the Mother of the Bride Dress

Finding a dress for the mother of the bride can be a trying task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many factors that make finding the perfect dress for the hostess difficult, but Julie Sabatino is here to help. In this episode, Julie Sabatino shares 7 dress tips for finding a dress that’ll make you feel and look great for your child’s special day. If you’re a mother of the bride or groom this episode of The Stylish Bride offers important advice for you.  Show Highlights:  Why moms have the hardest time finding their dress  All of the factors that contribute to making it difficult to find a dress for a mature body type  Why the mother of the bride has the first choice over her dress  Finding the right color and coordinating with the rest of the wedding  Letting go of the idea of overshadowing the bride  How to make a strapless dress fit your preferences  Getting a great bra and getting properly sized Bustling your train  Buy a dress for the weight that you are now  Why self-love and feeling comfortable in your own skin is an important piece    Links:  Contact Julie:  https://thestylishbride.com   Instagram: @Thestylishbride 

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