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39: Dressing the Mother of the Bride, Part 2

39: Dressing the Mother of the Bride, Part 2

Welcome to another episode of The Stylish Bride! In this episode, Julie Sabatino answers some of the most commonly asked questions about finding the right dress as the mother of the bride/groom. From length, color, to outfit changes, Julie covers it all. To hear more about how to find the perfect dress as a mother of the bride/groom, join Julie in this episode of The Stylish Bride.  Show Highlights:    How to dictate what the mother of the bride's dress length should be  Whether or not the mothers of the bride/groom need to coordinate  Deciding which colors are appropriate  Considering whether or not the mothers should change outfits  Finding a balance between what makes the moms feel good and what makes the bride happy    Links:    Contact Julie:    https://thestylishbride.com   Instagram: @Thestylishbride 

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