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40: How to Find Your Perfect Makeup Team with Ashlee Glazer

40: How to Find Your Perfect Makeup Team with Ashlee Glazer

Making sure you have the right hair and makeup team is a crucial part of your wedding day, but it takes lots of planning and preparation in advance. Today’s guest, Ashlee Glazer, is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert with over 13 years of experience with weddings. Ashlee shares tips on how to make the most of your makeup trials, how to find the right makeup team for you, and how to be effective with your planning time. This episode contains priceless advice that every bride needs to hear.  Show Highlights:  How Ashlee got started in makeup and beauty  The differences between doing celebrity and bride makeup  Why brides have a hard time finding a hair and makeup artist  The most effective ways to communicate with a hair/makeup artist  How brides can make the most out of makeup trials  Finding a balance between makeup that stays but still looks natural  How long a makeup artist should stay at the wedding  Getting new products for each individual bride  Tips for hiring the right team  A guide for the makeup timeline  Advice on details that need extra attention  Making the most of your time    Links:  Contact Ashlee:  http://www.ashleeglazer.com Instagram: @ashleeglazer Contact Julie:  https://thestylishbride.com Instagram: @Thestylishbride 

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