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44: Celebrating Pride Month with Gena Jaffe

44: Celebrating Pride Month with Gena Jaffe

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Stylish Bride! Today Julie Sabatino sits down with Gena Jaffe, in honor of pride month. They discuss taking time out of each day to focus on fitness for its mental health benefits, and how Gena can assist women who are prepping for their wedding to feel better in both their body and their mind. Gena is a member and advocate of the LGBT community, a virtual fitness coach, and a lawyer that helps other online entrepreneurs protect their businesses. Tune in to find out how Gena’s wife, Jordana, encouraged her to become an entrepreneur, what pride means to Gena, and the laughs Julie and Gena share, reminiscing over Julie’s and Jordana’s 2014 wedding! What makes this epidose even MORE fun is the fact that Julie and her guest, Gena, are FIRST COUSINS! Don’t miss this! Show Highlights:  Don’t work out to lose weight, work out for mental health Brides-to-be need an outlet and should take some time out each day Gena offers fitness programs for every body, 10-60 minutes Fitness should feel fun! Fitness routines help children to see that exercise can be fun Working out helps lift depression Planning a wedding should be about what makes you and your partner happy Same-sex weddings can have an added layer of pressure and sometimes sadness Every family is going to look different Gena’s photo shoot with a national retailer’s Pride campaign    Links:  Instagram: @thestylishbride  Julie@thestylishbride.com  https://thestylishbride.com Promo Code for the first item you purchase:  Email Julie code: TSBPODCAST  https://freckledfoodie.com Instagram: @genajaffe  

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