Eli Gross & Chris Huling

Arthur Meets Mister Rogers / Draw!

Arthur Meets Mister Rogers / Draw!

Hello! My name is ____! We hope you’ve got tissues next to that crystal ball of yours. In this episode; an in-depth analysis on child crime, the power of a cardigan, and lime slimes have a heart...somewhere. Do you like fudge? Submit a story for our "Word From Us Kids" segment to our email address: sugarbowlpod@gmail.com @sugarbowlpod facebook.com/SugarbowlPod sugarbowlpod.com * RSS: sugarbowlpod.libsyn.com/rss Artwork: Tori Nelson @ facebook.com/torinelsonart Music: Kurt Statz @ ox4.li/32t

Duration: 1 hr 16 min

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